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How We Help Thousands Every Day

If a person is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it is of vital importance that they receive help.
We assist by checking what programs your insurance qualifies for.

Why People Choose Us?

  • We are responsive

    Finding out if you qualify for a rehabilitation or drug treatment program should not be a long winded event. We developed a streamline process to get you the information you need. Once submitted you can expect a form of communication within minutes.

  • 99% of our clients are satisfied

    Our representatives are compassionate and have many years of experience in the insurance and rehab space. We are dedicated to getting out clients into the best programs their insurance qualifies for.

  • We Get you recovery help fast

    Our members understand how timely it is that you get the help you need and on the road to recovery. Navigating issuance programs can be time consuming and frustrating. Our team will collect a few details and get you the answers in minutes.

Who We Are?

We have spent many years getting people access to the treatment they need. Many of our team members have been in the very position you or your loved one is in today. We opened our doors cause we realized that there were so many options available to people looking to recover from addiction but weren't able to navigate the programs and get through the red tape. Let one of our specialist help you get the answers to what programs your insurance qualifies for today.

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Why use us for help

Addiction treatment is a time sensitive subject and finding out what options you qualify for quickly is key. We focus on getting you the results you need as quickly as possible.

Getting Help

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is much easier when you have
people you can lean on for encouragement, comfort, and guidance.

Tailored Treatment

Drug and alcohol rehab programs perform thorough diagnostic testing, psychological assessments and physical exams to ensure tailored drug treatment for patients.

Group & Family Therapy

Patients receive peer empathy, input and support through 12-step meetings and participation in process groups.

Practical Life Skills Training

Patients also learn practical life skills to enable them to live out sobriety in a drug-free, healthy, productive way.

Less Toxins

When you stop polluting your body with toxins from drugs and alcohol, your body begins to detox and cleanse itself.

Mental Clarity

The less we fill our bodies with toxins and chemicals that are not supposed to be there, the first thing we notice is much more mental clarity.


Overall well-being is a huge health benefit of sobriety. When you are doing good for yourself, feeling better, looking better and functioning on a higher level.

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